Support charity_nickname while generating income for yourself and your family. Learn how these gifts allow you to achieve both of these goals.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity provides fixed payments to you or others you name for life in exchange for your gift of cash or securities.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

A charitable remainder annuity trust can provide a dependable income for life while making a significant gift to charity_name.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

A charitable remainder unitrust can help you maintain or increase your income while making a significant gift to charity_name. The charitable remainder unitrust is highly flexible.

The IRA Charitable Rollover Gift Annuity Plan

You can now make a Qualified Charitable Distribution in exchange for a charitable gift annuity and receive fixed income for life.

Pooled Income Fund

A pooled income fund is a trust that is established and maintained by charity_nickname. Your gift of cash or securities is combined with other gifts in the fund and as the fund grows, you receive your share of fund income for life.